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Well-Being & Well-Becoming in Schools in Canada

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The Schools of Well-Being podcast invites you to listen to conversations with fellow researchers and academics who explain the schools of thought that influence what they think well-being and well-becoming means and how it connects to schools, students, teachers, educational leaders, and communities. 

This page provides information on research and scholarship of relevance to the work undertaken by members of the Research Initiative on Well-Being and Well-Becoming in Schools in Canada and others.

Through its work, the Research Initiative wants to contribute to a productive public discourse on the role of well-being and well-becoming in school education. This section provides different kinds of resources in support of such a productive public discourse.

2023-24 Lecture Series on Well-Being and Well-Becoming in Schools.

The seven lectures in this series are scheduled for Fall 2023 (September-November) and Winter 2024 (January-April).

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