This page provides information on ongoing and completed research and scholarly work involving members of the research team and relevant to the Research Initiative on Well-Being and Well-Becoming in Schools in Canada

Research Projects

Students’ Understanding of “Student Well-Being”
(in progress)

In this study a survey and small-group interviews are used to inquire into the views of students at one high school in Manitoba about what it means to them to flourish as a student. 

Researchers: Thomas Falkenberg & Grace Ukasoanya

Other Scholarly Projects

Joint Pilot Project on Student Well-Being and Well Becoming (in progress)

In this pilot project 12 Manitoba school divisions engage each in a self-identified project on student well-being at the middle-school level. The pilot project is organized and supported by a team from the Manitoba Association of School Superintendents (MASS), members of the Research Initiative, and Manitoba Education and Training (MET). The project is currently in its second year.

Researchers: Thomas Falkenberg, Grace Ukasoanya & Jennifer Watt

Students’ Support Service Professionals and Student
Well-Being (in progress)

In this study different qualitative methods are used to inquire into the views of students and recent graduates of university programs preparing for work in the role as student support service professionals in Manitoba on the meaning of student well-being and on the ways in which their respective professional programs prepare them for work in student support services that are responsive to student well-being. ​

Researchers: Grace Ukasoanya & Thomas Falkenberg

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